Kreuzfix ® Special Spacer

Kreuzfix ® Special Spacer

The special spacer Kreuzfix ® from BAG Bauartikel GmbH is the real alternative to conventional spacers.

The spacer Kreuzfix replaces nearly all commercially available individual spacers. Kreuzfix is fast installed in the intersection zone of the reinforcement. The special shape with diagonal conducted groove is unique and secures, in connection with the fixing material, the compliance of the requested concrete cover. The vertical and horizontal edges stay every time the same, which guarantees a perfect surrounding of the in-situ concrete.

Particularly by concave formworks, like precast segments for tunnel building or conventional built tunnels, the spacers Kreuzfix adapts to the formwork surface through a small contact surface.

Foto: Tunnel building with BAG Kreuzfix ® special spacers

Kreuzfix Bag Special spacer