Sealing systems

BAG® Bauartikel GmbH rules over a wide range of waterproofing systems. Wether you need swelling tapes, metal waterstops, injection systems or surface waterproofing systems. All tightening systems are proofed. Documentation and leaflets on request.

BAG swelling tape (Quellband)

1. Swelling Tape (Quellband)

BAG Swelling tapes on bentonite basis or as chemical swelling tape are available in several dimensions.

BAG injection systems

2. Injection Systems

BAG WaterproofX®1 is a one channel, multiple injectable injection hose for tightening of construction joints against pressing and non pressing water. Available as a complete set with equipment.

BAG metal waterstops

3. Metal waterstops

BAG Easyproof X®1 is a metal waterstop for all technical constructions joints like base/base, base/wall, wall/wall, wall/slab, slap/slap. Available as a complete set with equipment.

BAG surface waterproofing systems

4. Surface waterproofing systems FlexproofX®1 or Polyfleece SX®1000

BAG FlexproofX®1 is a special one component sealing material for tightening of armored concrete constructions. FlexproofX®1 is available in different viscosities. You are able to install it with a cartridge, it could be rolled on, sprayed on or cast on.

Polyfleece SX®1000 from BAG can be used as a sealing sheet for bonding to fresh concrete or as an external swellable seal (either in strip form or fully covering the area) for reinforced concrete structures.


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